About Us


Brainwaves Ltd started life as a supplier of reward products to schools, we have been in business for over 25 years and in that time we have discovered that if we give our customers the things they need, at the right price, at the right time and do it in a helpful, friendly way, they’ll keep coming back for more again and again and again!

We also know that we need to present the right image on all the brochures we send out… well printed, clear and easy to read. We are pleased to be able to offer you this outstanding service to enable your business to grow and prosper just like we have.

Be assured that our standards are very high, in fact, our customers tell us that we give…

  • Reliability
  • Value for money
  • Innovative design
  • Speedy service
  • High quality products
  • Friendly telephonists

We look forward to hearing from you.